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Welcome to the City of Henderson

Located 40 minutes north of the capital city of Raleigh, Henderson, North Carolina is a rural town rich with history. The first settlers’ residence was built in what is now Henderson in 1785 by Samuel Reavis, Sr. Reavis called his farm “Lonesome Valley” which likely described the area at that time. Reavis’ son, Lewis Reavis, opened a store close to the stagecoach road in 1811 where he began to see an influx of settlers and the awakening of a city.

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Henderson Code of Ordinances

Ordinances Approved but not yet Codified:
Ord 18-02 Text Amendment Regarding Temporary Homeless Shelters
Ord 18-05 Amending City of Henderson Code of Ordinances Chapter 23 (Weed to Public Nuisances)
Ord 18-07 Text Amendment to Amend Article 400: Sign Ordinance
Ord 18-08 Amending Section 7-64 of the City Code Regarding Stop Signs to Create a Four Way Stop at the Intersection of E. Rockspring Street and Rowland Street
Ord 18-13 Extending the Corporate Limits of the City of Henderson North Carolina
Ord 18-14 Amending Article IV, Section 16-61 Sidewalks of the City Code and Adding Section 16-69 to Include Downtown Sidewalk Café Regulations
Ord 18-16 Establishing a No Parking Zone on Zeb Robinson Road
Ord 18-19 The FY 18-19 Annual Operating Budget, Establishing the 2018 Ad Valorem Property Tax Rate and Approving the Annual Fee Schedule
Ord 18-25 Amending Section 7-49 of the Henderson City Code Declaring Lone Street from Hamilton Street to Pearl Street and Young Street from Garnett Street to Chestnut Street “One-Way” Streets
Ord 18-26 Directing the Code Compliance Director to Remove/Demolish the Structure Herein Described as Hazardous to the Public Health, Safety and Welfare and Directing that a Notice be Placed Thereon that the same may not be Occupied (200 Parham Road)
Ord 18-28 Extending the Corporate Limits of the City of Henderson North Carolina
Ord 18-29 Amending Schedule of Streets Set Forth in the City Code, Section 7-66 Relating to Replacing Yield Signs Throughout the City Limits to Stop Signs
Ord 18-35 Amending City Code Chapter 12 Section Pertaining to Fire Inspections
Ord 18-36 Authorizing the Conversion of Two Parking Spaces on Winder Street to a Loading Zone
Ord 18-45 Authorizing a No Parking Zone for the West Side of the 200 Block of Garnett Street
Ord 18-47 Amending Chapter 5 Section 10-20 Pertaining to Noise Violations