City of Henderson, NC


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Welcome to the City of Henderson

Located 40 minutes north of the capital city of Raleigh, Henderson, North Carolina is a rural town rich with history. The first settlers’ residence was built in what is now Henderson in 1785 by Samuel Reavis, Sr. Reavis called his farm “Lonesome Valley” which likely described the area at that time. Reavis’ son, Lewis Reavis, opened a store close to the stagecoach road in 1811 where he began to see an influx of settlers and the awakening of a city.

FY17-18 Approved Budget
Annual Financial Report for FY Ending 30 June 2017

What should you do in the case of a sewage spill?

Henderson Code of Ordinances

Ordinances to be Codified:
Ord 17-03 Establishing An Urban Homesteading Program and Guidelines
Ord 17-04 Rezoning North Street from B-2 to R-8
Ord 17-06 Revising city Code and the Annual Fee Schedule Relative to Account Set Up Fees and Security Deposit Guidelines
Ord 17-07 Amending Division 4: Speed Limits Section 7-48(B) Twenty(20) Miles Per Hour, Adding Powell Street from Daniel Street to Rockspring Street
Ord 17-08 Annexation of Garden Gate Villas
Ord 17-10 Amending Sec.13-1 Regarding Limitations on Providing Fire Protection & Adding Periodic Inspection Schedule
Ord 17-14  Extending the Corporate Limits of the City of Henderson, North CArolina
Ord 17-15 Amending Various Sections of the City Code Related to Parking on City Streets
Ord 17-18 Amending Article V, Section 7-64 of the City’s Ordinance to  include Carey Chapel Phase III Subdivision Streets
Ord 17-20 Text Amendment regarding Article 500 Parking & Loading, Section 510 Parking List, 15.40 Parking Standards for Flea Markets & Section 671B Flea Market (Indoor & Outdoor Displays)
Ord 17-21 Text Amendment to Add Zoning Ordinance Article 500: Parking & Loading, Section 542 Surfacing, 542.2 Exemptions & Amend 542.4 Standards for Non-Paved Gravel Areas
Ord 17-27 Amending the City Code to be Consistent with the Zoning Ordinance Relative to Electric Fences
Ord 17-29 Amending the City Code Consumption of Alcoholic Beverage Regulations for the Purpose of Allowing Certain Alcohol Sales to Begin on Sunday Morning
Ord 17-30 Amending Article 600B: Accessory Structures and Storage, Section 624B to Provide Additional Regulations in the Zoning Ordinance
Ord 17-35 Text Amendment to Amend Article 900: Section 906; Regarding Extending a Special Use Permit
Ord 17-37 Text Amendment to Allow Light Manufacturing as a Special Use Permit in the Central Business District (B-1) and to Provide Additional Regulations in the Zoning Ordinance
Ord 17-43 Text Amendment to Amend Article 300A; Section 310A Animal Care Services and Article 1000: Section 1002 Definitions: Kennels, Veterinary Clinic and Veterinary Hospitals
Ord 17-44 Amending Division 4: Speed Limits Section 7-48″D) Thirty-Five  (35) Miles Per Hour, Adding Ross Mill Road from Industry Drive (SR 1422) to Approximately 250 Feet Southwest of Comfort Drive