City of Henderson, NC

Welcome to the City of Henderson

Located 40 minutes north of the capital city of Raleigh, Henderson, North Carolina is a rural town rich with history. The first settlers’ residence was built in what is now Henderson in 1785 by Samuel Reavis, Sr. Reavis called his farm “Lonesome Valley” which likely described the area at that time. Reavis’ son, Lewis Reavis, opened a store close to the stagecoach road in 1811 where he began to see an influx of settlers and the awakening of a city.

  • City Hall

  • Operations Center

  • Fire Department Station #2

  • Aycock Recreation Center

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • City Police Department

What should you do in the case of a sewage spill?

Henderson Code of Ordinances

Ordinances passed in 2014 not yet included in the City Code of Ordinances or the Zoning Code:

14-03 Requiring that Various Permits and Certificates be in the Same Legal Entity Name

14-10 Directing the Code Compliance Director to Remove or Demolish the Structure Herein Described as 712 Champion Street

14-11 Rezoning a 0.43+/- Acre Tact Located off Wilbur Street from I2  to B4

14-12 Directing the Code Compliance Director to Remove or Demolish the Structure Herein Described as 407 Pettigrew Street

14-13 Rezoning Seven Tracts Located Off Wilbur Street From I2 to B4

14-15 Amending the Annual Fee Schedule for Additional Roll-Out Carts as well as Additional Weekly Trash Pick-Ups and Establishing a Fee for Loose Leaf  Pick-Up After the Established Deadline

14-17 Providing for Four Additional Handicapped Parking Spaces on Sunday on Wyche and Winder Streets Near the First Baptist Church

14-18 An Ordinance Relative to Signs in Streets Rights of Way and in Public Places

14-19 Amending the Zoning Code to Comply with Amendments to the General Statutes

14-23 Waiving Permit Fees Relative to Residential Handicap Ramps Constructed by Non-Profits

14-24 Rezoning a 10.50 +/- Acre Tract Located off Vicksboro Road from R20 to R11

14-34 Approval of the FY14-15 Annual Operating Budget, Establishing the 2014 Ad Valorem Property Tax Rate and Approving the Annual Fee Schedule

14-36 Changing Certain Parking Regulations Due to Changing Conditions

14-37 An Ordinance Relating to City Council Committees