City of Henderson, NC

Dealing With A Lot Of Information

One of the areas of concern for any website that offers a lot of information is, how to present it to people so that it is useful to them. In static web sites, new information is often added and the length of the pages grows while their usefulness declined. Our website is dynamic and structures the presentation.

What does this mean? This time we will refer to the “Departmental Contact Information” page. If this information were to be presented on a single page, it would be a very long page and difficult to find what you are looking for in it. Whether you go to the Departmental Contact Information page and click on a link, or use the menu and select a department there, you will be presented with only the information you are seeking.

One other method of dealing with large documents is to convert them into PDF files and place links to these files on the web for you to view or download to your computer. In the past, things such as press releases and minutes from City Council Meetings were converted into web pages and then the links to these new pages had to be updated. This is a very manual and time consuming process for which there was often not enough time.  Now you can download the PDF directly from our website.