City of Henderson, NC

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If you cannot see all of the page in your browser window, you may need to Scroll either up or down or side to side. You will almost certainly have to scroll up and down on virtually every page within the site. If you see the “scroll bar” at the bottom of your browser, you may have issues with your Screen Resolution.

In some cases, you may need to enlarge your viewing (browser) window to full size. This is controlled by the small symbols in the top right corner of your browser window. The “x” closes the window, the symbol to the left of the “x” will allow you to make the window as big as possible or adjust it size of the window. We recommend that you always have yours set to full size (a sort of double box appears).


The simple answer lies in what most people know and understand: Scrolling. Scrolling can be both horizontal (up and down) and vertical (side-to-side). You should not have to any side to side scrolling unless you are not viewing the site in full-screen or you are using a resolution that is set below 800 X 600 (see the Resolution section below).


Resolution is based on the settings for a TV picture. It deals with the word “pixel” that just means: “a dot of light”. A standard TV picture is defined as an image made of 480 rows of pixels that are 640 pixels wide. Yeah, I know, you thought that it was lines. Well, we techies had to make it more complicated and we broke the lines into points of light and called them “pixels”.

Almost no one is using this setting because every computer in the past four or five years has the capability to display a much more detailed picture. Most computers are set for a resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher. If your resolution is set for 640 X 480, or 800×600 then you should set it for at least 1024X 768 unless you have poor eyesight or a smaller monitor.