City of Henderson, NC

Site Navigation

By now, you will have realized that this site is big, really big and you may be wondering how you can find your way around. Here we will introduce you to the tools and ways you can find what you are looking for on the site.


In-Line Links
Getting around involves using what are known as hyperlinks or just “links”. Every page except PDF documents will have at lease several links and/or menus that enable you to find your information. If you look at the sentence above, you will see that the word “PDF” is underlined. An underlined word on a website is almost always a link to another page or document. You get to this page or open the document by clicking on the link with the left button on your mouse when you move the mouse pointer over the link and it changes to a hand symbol (or whatever you have programmed your mouse to show for a link).

Top Level Links
You will see on nearly every page a top level link menu like the one that is on the bottom of this page. This one shows: “Home, City Hall, Departments…” etc. They are colored and underlined. These are static links and will appear exactly the same on every page where they are included. Some of the pages from the old site will not have this link section available as they will be PDF files in the new system.

Departmental Links
Above the top level links mentioned above there is a horizontal line and then another set of links beginning with: “About, Navigation…” etc. These are dynamic links and will be different for each department or area in the site. They are also colored and underlined except for the link to the page you are currently viewing. Look at the second entry, “Navigation”. It is not colored or underlined. This shows you where within the department or area. You cannot click on it because you are already there. There will be a few pages that do not have this type of departmental link available.


Basically, there is only one main “Menu” on the site and it appears on all of the pages with the exception of downloads such as an image or PDF file.

The menu system has several levels and you can see this by moving your mouse pointer over one of the top level items visible on the menu of the page just under the header graphic. Most menu items will have a second level show up just to the right of the top level menu items. There are a few things to be aware of when looking at and using the multi-level menus:

  1. If you move your mouse off of the main level menu, the second level menu will disappear.
  2. If you want to select one of the items in the second level menu, you must move your mouse directly to the right until it is over one of the second level menu entries.
  3. Some sub menus have another level of menus under them.  If you move your mouse over “Departments”, you will see that most departments have an additional menu level.

Links that open a new window

Some links will open a new window. These include but are not limited to:

  • Links to other sites
  • Links to PDF Documents
  • Email Links

The reason for this is that is allows you to stay on the City of Henderson website while looking at other sites. We want to keep you with us.

Browser limitations

The Menu system is designed to work with all current major web browsers. If you are using an old web browser or some esoteric browser, not all appearance functions may work.  If you are having issues with menus we recommend you upgrade your web browser to a modern version.