City of Henderson, NC

What is A PDF Document?

Any document that ends with “.pdf” or “.PDF” is an an Adobe Acrobat© file known as “Portable Document Format” It can be viewed with Acrobat Reader which is free from Adobe. Click on the picture to get Acrobat Reader or visit

In our system, many frequently created documents from City Council Meetings are now in Acrobat format. In addition, all applications and forms are available online as PDF files so that you can print them out and send them to us.

If you want to view a PDF file online, simply click on the link just as you would any other link. A new window will open with the document in it and you can view or print it from there. If you want to download the file to your computer so that you can print/review it when it is more convenient, move your mouse over the link and then click the “right” mouse button. Select “Save Target as” from the menu and then select a location on your computer where you will be able to find the document later.

Documents other than applications are usually named with the date as part of the name. For example: 101008-Minutes.PDF would refer to the minutes (as a PDF file) from October  08, 2010. The format for the date portion of the file name is: YYMMDD where YY (10) stands for the year in two digit format; MM (10) stands for the month in two digit format and DD (08) stands for the day in two digit format.