City of Henderson, NC

Fire Dept. Fees and Fines

Fee Schedules

Copy of fire report: $1.00

Fire Code Violation Citation Fees

Approved Fire Evacuation Plan Required and Posted $50.00
Street Address Not Posted $50.00
Street Address Not Visible $50.00
Key Boxes $50.00
Breach In Fire Wall / Fire Stops $50.00
Fire / Exit Door Inoperative $200.00
Fire Alarm Needs Testing $50.00
Sprinkler Or Fire Alarm Inoperable $200.00
Sprinkler / Standpipe Not Complying With Code $50.00
Sprinkler Heads Blocked / Covered (Immediate) $500.00
Standpipe System Not Complying With Code $50.00
Portable Fire Extinguishers $50.00
Fire Alarm And Detection System $50.00
Overcrowding (Immediate) $500.00
Maximum Occupancy Load Certification Not Posted $50.00
Storage In Or On Fire Escape (Immediate) $500.00
Blocked Stairwells or Stairways $500.00
Blocked Means Of Egress $500.00
No Required Exit Directional Signs $50.00
Exit Illumination And Warning $50.00
Locked Exit Door (Immediate) $500.00
Exit Or Egress Door Needs Repair $50.00
Fire Exit Or Aisle Blocked $500.00
Spray Booth Not Complying To Code $50.00
All Other Code Violations $50.00