City of Henderson, NC

Recreation and Parks Commission


This Commission consists of 12 members (7 City and 5 County appointees). They meet on the second Thursday of every month at 12:00 Noon (at the Aycock Rec Complex). This Commission works to develop recreational plans and programs for Henderson and Vance County residents and gives guidance to the City Council, Board of County Commissioners and Recreation Department Staff on policies affecting recreational programs, facilities and resources.

City Members – 3 year terms

Term to Expire

Vernon Brown 6-30-2015 (appointed at 7-1994) Moved to City side on 9-24-12
Melissa Catlett 7-1-2015 (reappointed at 6-22-09 CC Mtg)
Kevin Boone 6-30-2014 (reappointed at 6-13-11 CC Mtg)
Jay Andrews 6-30-2015 (appointed at 9-24-12 CC Mtg)
Hilda Delbridge, Vice Chair 6-30-2016 (appointed at 1-29-13 CC Mtg)

County Members – 4 year terms

Ed Wilson 6-30-2014 (appointed at 9-10-12 CC Mtg)
Scott Fuller 6-30-2015 (appointed at 7-2009 CC Mtg)
Shane Jenkins 8-6-2013 (appointed at 8-6-2012 CC Mtg)
Randy Oxendine, Chairman 7-1-2016 (appointed at 7-1998 CC Mtg)
George Watkins 6-30-2015 (appointed at 7-1991 CC Mtg)