City of Henderson, NC

City Code

Last Updated:  15 May 2017

Henderson City Code

The Henderson City Code (City Code) is a compilation of the City’s various ordinances and  has the effect of law.  The City Code was recompiled and republished in April 1997 and is currently maintained by The Municipal Code Corporation.  Supplements to the City Code are published periodically to reflect ordinance changes.  There is a lag time between the adoption of an ordinance and it being included in a City Code Supplement.  Ordinances not included in a Supplement are provided below.  The City Code and Ordinances are available in hard-copy form for public inspection in the Office of the City Clerk during normal business hours.  The City Clerk’s office is located in City Hall, 134 Rose Avenue in Downtown Henderson.   The On-Line version of the City Code and ordinances not yet included in a supplement may be found by following the links provided below:

Link to Henderson, NC City Code