City of Henderson, NC

City Council Members

Henderson functions under a Council/Manager non-partisan form of government. The City Council is comprised of eight part-time council members representing the four Wards of the City, along with the Mayor. The council members serve four-year staggered terms and the mayor serves a four-year term.

The City Council is the policy-making body for the City of Henderson. The Council is responsible for adopting the budget; establishing policy; enacting ordinances, resolutions, and other actions; approving appropriations and contracts; and levying taxes. In addition, City Council appoints the city manager, city attorney, city clerk, along with the members of various boards and commissions.

The Henderson City Council meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, 134 Rose Avenue.  Below is your current Council:


Marion Brodie Williams:  Ward 1
Term Expires: 2019
Phone: 252-767-3977
Committee Assignments: Boards & Commissions, Intergovernmental Relations, Land Planning and Public Works

Sara M. Coffey: Ward 1 At-Large
Term  Expires:
Phone: 252-430-6300
Committee Assignments:  Boards & Commissions, Public Safety, Fireman’s Supplemental Retirement and E-911
D. Michael Rainey:  Ward 2
Term Expires : 2019
Phone: 252-482-5676
Committee Assignments: Human Resources, Intergovernmental Relations, Land Planning and Public Works


William Burnette: Ward 2 At-Large
Term  Expires:   2021
Phone: 252-492-3487
Committee Assignments:  Chaplain, Boards & Commissions, Human Resources, Public Safety and Public Works
Garry D. Daeke, Mayor Pro-Tem:  Ward 3
Current Term: 2021
Phone: 252-438-7215
Committee Assignments: Intergovernmental Relations, Land Planning, Public Works, Economic Development and Regional Water Advisory Board
Melissa Elliott: Ward 3 At-Large 
Term Expires:
Phone: 252-425-5220
Committee Assignments:  Boards & Commissions, Intergovernmental Relations, Public Safety and E-911
Fearldine A. Simmons:  Ward   4
Term Expires: 2021
Phone: 252-438-8956
Committee Assignments: Chaplain, Human Resources, Land Planning , Fireman’s Supplemental Retirement and Vance County Cooperative Extension
  Jason A. Spriggs: Ward 4 At-Large
Term  Expires:
Email:  jspriggs
Phone: 2919-514-5136
Committee Assignments: