City of Henderson, NC

Council Committees

Committee Structure

The Henderson Mayor and City Council reorganized its committee structure in 2008 and 2010.  By virtue of these reorganizations, the City Council itself services as The Committee of the Whole for matters involving finance and budget, public utilities, public works, journal, legislative and community development matters.  The Mayor and City Council meet  on the fourth Monday of each month and conduct a Work Session and deal with matters that formerly were dealt with by the six committees previously mentioned.  Additionally, special meetings and work sessions of the City Council are called on as as-needed basis to consider matters as needed, i.e., budget and finance.

The City Council now maintains four standing committees as follows:  Public Safety, Human Resources, Land Planning and Development and Boards and Commissions.  Each committee is comprised of four elected officials.  The Mayor appoints the chairman and vice chairman and committee members in January following the installation of a new city council every two years.

City Council committees meet on an as-needed basis and are empowered to make recommendations for the full City Council to consider at work sessions and/or regular meetings.  Committee meetings are open to the public and are noticed in accordance with State law.

Council Committees Described

The purpose of each committee and a listing of its members is provided below:

Human Resources:
 Michael Rainey, Sara Coffey and George Daye.

Land Planning & Development:
Michael Rainey,  Gary Daeke,  and Mike Inscoe .

Boards & Commissions:
Garry Daeke, Chairman 2011; Mayor O’Geary and Brenda Peace-Jenkins.