City of Henderson, NC


Last Updated:  9 September 2010

The Mayor is the chief elected official of the City and is elected on an at-large basis for a four year term.  Since the City of Henderson operates under the Council-Manager form of government, the Mayor is part-time.  The powers and duties of the Mayor shall be such as are conferred upon him by law, together with such other powers and duties as may be conferred upon him by the City Council pursuant to law. The Mayor shall be recognized as the official head of the city for the purpose of service of civil process, and for all ceremonial purposes.  He presides at all Council meetings and may only vote in case of a tie vote of City Council members.  The Mayor’s office is located in City Hall.  Contact information is as follows:

Eddie Ellington
Term Expires:  12/19
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Henderson City Hall
134 Rose Avenue
P. O. Box 1434
Henderson, NC 27536
252.430-5708 phone
252.492.7935 fax