City of Henderson, NC

Strategic Plan


The City Council developed the City’s Mission, Vision and Purpose statements during its 2009 Strategic Planning Retreat.  Also approved during the Retreat were Core Values, Key Strategic Objectives and Action Plans, etc.  The statements and various elements of the Strategic Plan were reviewed and updated during the January, 2010 Retreat.  Provided below are the Purpose, Mission, Vision and Core Values statements:

To improve the quality of life of citizens by providing services that provide for the community’s health, safety and welfare.

To provide value added services in a customer friendly, cost efficient and effective manner resulting in a safe and prosperous community.

To be a vibrant, safe, progressive and prosperous community in which citizens are actively engaged in governance and community activities.

1.  Roles and Responsibilities: We value the Agreement established by the City Council setting forth the Mayor, City Council and City Manager roles, responsibilities and expectations.

2.  Citizen/Customer Friendly:  We value our citizens and customers and will work with them in a courteous, professional manner.  We value their participation and input and owe them an answer to their questions in a timely manner.

3.  Fairness:  We value equity and will be fair in how we work with citizens and customers and how we implement City policies, regulations and ordinances.

4.  Ethical Behavior:  We value the public trust and will perform our duties and responsibilities with the highest levels of integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and professionalism.

5.  Respectful of Others:  We value the opinions of others and will seek to first understand before seeking to be understood, and will at all times agree to disagree in an agreeable manner.

6.  Value Diversity:  We value and celebrate the diversity of people in our community and municipal workforce.

7.  Teamwork and Collaborative Efforts:  We value teamwork and collaborative efforts with our fellow workers, stakeholders and partners, and believe through such efforts we will be better able to achieve our goals and objectives.

8.  Value Employees:  We value employees and the contributions they make to the City and to the citizens and customers of our community.

9.  Good Working Relationship with Vance County:  We value a good working relationship with the County of Vance and believe by working together in a cooperative effort we can better address the strategic challenges and opportunities facing our community.

10. Transparency in Governance:  We value transparency in the governance and operations of the City.

11. Performance Excellence:  We value excellence in how we govern and deliver services and believe we should always strive for continuous improvement in our work and service delivery processes.

12.  Data Based Decision Making:  We value the use of valid data in making our decisions.


A mid-year report on the Strategic plan’s implementation is provided at the following link:

2014-2016 Strategic Plan (Adopted 24 March 2014)

Last Updated:  7 April 2014