City of Henderson, NC


Mission & Values

Mission Statement

The professional men and women of the Henderson Police Department will safeguard the lives of each and every citizen that we are sworn to protect and serve with dignity and respect; equally important is to create a working environment that is the genesis of family and mutual admiration and understanding for every member that serves.

Department Values

Ethics and Integrity

We recognize that personal as well as organizational ethics are essential to the accomplishment of our mission.

Loyalty and Trust

We must be loyal to our Oath of Office, the department as a whole and the community we serve.


Our community and department members are deserving of our full efforts and attention. We must respect the human dignity of all people.


We strive for excellence in providing quality service while maintaining a work environment that develops our team through effective, timely training and progressive leadership.


Our success depends upon a cooperative effort within the department and throughout the community.