City of Henderson, NC

Public Utilities Departments

Three departments fall under this heading to provide or support the public utilities for the customers of the City of Henderson.

ENGINEERING – This department provides overall engineering and design as well as planning, project management and inspection services to utility (water distribution, sewer collections, wasterwater and water treatment plants) and general governmental operations.

KERR LAKE REGIONAL WATER SYSTEM – The Kerr Lake Regional Water System (KLRWS) provides clean drinking water to over 50,000 customers for its partners.  The operating partners for KLRWS are the City of Henderson, the City of Oxford and Warren County.

HENDERSON WATER RECLAMATION FACILITY – The Henderson Water Reclamation Facility (HWRF) provides adequate treatment of wastewater to meet the effluent limits set forth in the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Syatem (NPDES) permit, adequate management and maintenance of the City’s pump station facilities and sludge disposal program.